Happy Tales

Happy Tales are our Success Stories

Camus - Rescued Catahoula Mix

Camus is a Catahoula Mix that we rescued from a shelter in Nueces County, Texas early in February 2018.

He had an injured rear leg so we immediately took him to a local veterinarian for evaluation.  They told us that he couldn’t walk. He had a gunshot wound that fractured both the tibia and fibula. 

We got him up to us the next day and discovered that despite the injury, he actually could walk but he was simply too terrified! 
Instead of walking, he would kind of slink along the ground, his eyes ever darting around, afraid of everything he saw. 
It was painful to watch him. He flinched at a raised hand and ducked from being petted. When we were finally able to get a lead on him, he would jump explosively to the end of it, hunker down on the ground and repeat the process. 
Although he seemed to be totally terrified of humans, he seemed to want to be with us & had terrible separation anxiety when crated for mandatory post-surgical rest. He gnawed on furniture & baseboards and chewed up his bed. 
He took slippers, socks, scivvies, etc., anything that had human scent on it to his bed. 
A major breakthrough came when we introduced him to Rocky, our resident playmate. 
Camus took to Rocky right away and it was that affection for Rocky that got him through that initial period of adjustment, and helped him learn to trust humans again. 
After nearly three months of rehab, socialization and some basic training, Camus was transformed into a pet perfect for an active family. 
He snuggles, gives kisses, sits for treats & takes them gently. He walks nicely on lead, fetches his ball & loves to be brushed. 
We found the perfect home for Camus. A home where he is much loved and has other dogs to play with. He goes on hikes, visits horse farms and is always a perfect gentleman. 
Doggies like Camus keep us energized to continue to rescue & rehab death row dogs.